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about ::

I’m a New York-based creative designer, web designer, and the heavy hitter of the design team at Color and Information.

Ylmer specializes in Website Design, Branding and Identity, Marketing and Advertising, and Social Media.

In 2015, Ylmer decided to take his talents even further and enrolled into college at St. Thomas Aquinas College. While attending St. Thomas Aquinas, Ylmer acquired knowledge on how to be perfection in design in any asset and build connections while at STAC.

In 2019, Ylmer received an offer to work at Color and Information, a New York-based agency that specializes in creative strategy, development + digital marketing for luxury brands.

Before that, Ylmer provided a service at age 15 to design profile pictures and banners for social media platforms for members in the video game community on youtube. These platforms would consist of Twitter and Youtube. Later on, Ylmer learned to create video edits for the gaming community on Youtube for others, and as a hobby with his friends. Ylmer as well, created a brand in the gaming community, along with his friends from Playstation in 2013. Ylmer learned skills at a young age such as brand management, creating content for followers, and creating assets for the brand. These would consist of logo design, video editing, thumbnails, brand identity for members of the brand, Social Media Marketing in 2013-2016. Ylmer created a following, and gather a passion for brand development at a young age.

Applications I've Used ::

◊ Shogun
◊ WordPress
◊ Shopify
◊ Adobe Creative Suite

currently ::

Color + Information –  Junior Designer
May 2019 – Present

Responsibilities include designing digital assets for C+I clients, website design in WordPress and Shopify, creating assets for visual identity, digital marketing, networking, storyboarding, collaborating with other designers, and handling communication with clients.
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