PROJECTWOO is a product development studio with a mission to explore and create everyday goods and services that help us live a great and creative life, everyday. Lead by tattoo artist, creative & global citizen, Dr. Woo, we strive to be purveyors of quality goods across the areas of our lives that inspire us the most- From sensitive skin & fashion to home decor, art and things we haven’t thought of yet.

PROJECTWOO believe in quality reigns over all else. being conscious of the world around us is paramount. collaborating with people and partners of all walks of life only makes our work better. family is everything. in art and design.

a brand from the curious mind of dr. woo

My team had to opportunity to work with a brand development agency named colabworks to create a e-commerce website for a new skincare brand from celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

At the moment PROJECTWOO released there first product, due to the COVID-19 virus that is affecting the world, the launch of the brand is on a hold until this epidemic is over. The gentle cleansing soap is originally designed to keep skin clean and healthy after a tattoo session and beyond, our daily gentle soap’s properties perfectly address today’s essential need of hand washing.

The site is live and 100% of proceeds are getting donated to working families affected with COVID-19 virus via brand “baby2baby” ; PROJECTWOO x baby2baby

website :: help the cause


Color + Information



Colabworks Team – Brand Idenity / Creative Vision

Ylmer Villafana – Web Design

Ulyana Kitcmanuk – Web Design

Ethan Finkelstein – Creative Direction

Kimberley Hellem – Logistics

ylmer’s role

During this project; i worked behind the scenes in creating webpages for this e-commerce site, with the team at Color and Information. These pages (Home, About) would be currated from Color and Infomation and Colabworks; to present to Dr. Woo. Ylmer was the heavy lifter in this project and handled with the layout of these pages.

website :: help the cause